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Project objectives 2017-09-07T10:36:51+02:00

Project objectives

The primary objective of the project is to increase and improve access to electronic services, develop access and local infrastructure in educational facilities for access to the dedicated Ministry network and deploy the comprehensive eGOV service – School access to digital services. The service enables users to flexibly access different digital resources and tools for the educational and teaching process using the latest technological solutions.

The vision of the project is to secure the conditions needed to ensure the accessibility and availability of a broad range of information, related electronic services and digital educational content online in schools as a part of building towards a knowledge-based economy in a digital society.

The motivation is to give students practically unrestricted access to digital curriculum and aids. This step is intended to help regional schools bridge the digital gap in terms of the accessibility and availability of created educational content and to re-establish themselves at the standard level of European education systems.

The project also contributes to the modernisation and improvement of the learning process at the participating schools and thereby fulfils the overall OP IS objective of “Creating an inclusive information society as a means for developing a high-performance knowledge-based economy”.